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The World Market for Liquid Analytical Instruments

A New Market Study from Flow Research

Published February 2011



Worldwide Survey of Flowmeter Users

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This page contains an overview of a new market study from Flow Research on the liquid analytical instruments market. The study is now available. If you are interested in the study, please contact Jesse Yoder at Flow Research by email at  jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200.

About the Study

Liquid analytical measurement applications and their associated revenues have grown significantly during the last several years. A major driver of this growth worldwide has been the expansion in demand for finer analyses of process variables related to enhanced industrial process quality targets, more stringent environmental compliance standards, and technology advances. There is also a major trend moving laboratory applications to the real-time process itself. And there has been significant new capital projects growth in large regional economies such as India and China during this time as well.

Our research determines where growth is occurring - and where it is not - in terms of application, industry, and geography. The results of this study will inform you about where the highest returns should be expected to occur through 2014 in these three basic market segments.

Key Issues Addressed

This study addresses key issues in the liquid analytical instrumentation market, including:

What is the technological state of the market today?

What applications are growing and which are not?

What regions of the world hold the greatest growth prospects and why?

Are there new competing technologies to the traditional devices and what are they?

Are there new liquid analytical measurement standards that must be understood?

Which industries represent the greatest growth potential and why?

What are the features that end-users are looking for in liquid analytical devices?

For further information, please see the overview.

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